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Forever 100% recycled fabric

Forever 100% recycled fabric

7th July 2020 By Kustom Floors

Forever is a range of 100% recycled fabrics available exclusively across a range of sofa within our stores. Produced from ocean plastic, this fabric is available in a spectrum of colour, boasting a soft touch whilst being extremely hard wearing. With a reduced carbon footprint over other fabrics we are proud to offer Forever fabric across a variety of our ranges.

Forever fabric is made up entirely of waste. This includes regular recycled post-consumer plastic bottles (PET), recycled post-consumer plastic from ocean waste (upcycled marine PET) and upcycled cotton from garments.



There are many benefits of using recycled polyester yarns, some of these include:

  • Production does not require new petroleum which helps to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • It creates 75% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester.

Pop in to our Downend or Clevedon branch to see this incredible fabric for your self. 

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