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Swyft Sofas

Swyft Sofas

6th March 2020 By Kustom Floors

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting supplier called Swyft who provide comfort, convenience and sustainability through their clever flat-packed sofas. Swyft is the next generation of furniture. Designed to meet your needs, it's delivered within 48 hours, assembled in minutes and built with no tools. Plus, features memory foam cushions for extra comfort. With several different fabric options to choose from Swyft will have a product that will guarantee to look fantastic in your home. 

Swyft's aim is to deliver comfy-ness at speed without having a negative impact on the environment. They have built a seamless, effortless product offering which is not only convenient, but comfortable and meets the needs of the modern consumer.

We believe that Swyft is the future of furniture. This isn’t a gimmick or a simple strap line. We believe it. Furniture shouldn’t be restrictive, it should enhance the spaces we dwell in. Swyft aim to produce furniture that is accessible; from the prices they sell at and delivery method, to home assembly. Time shouldn’t be a barrier to choosing a product.

To find out more information please contact us or take a look at Swyft's website www.swyfthome.com

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