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Karndean Flooring

Karndean Flooring

25th June 2020 By Kustom Floors

You’ve seen how beautiful Karndean's floors are, heard why they are the perfect hard wearing floor for busy modern homes and chosen a shortlist of your favourite designs that are sure to create an impact in your home. But you may be unsure whether you should select from their gluedown ranges or if their rigid core or loose lay ranges would suit your needs better. What’s the difference and which should you choose?

Karndean have put together this short guide on the formats they offer and how to make the right choice for your home.


The classic format - and the most popular - is gluedown. This means that each plank or tile is glued firmly to the floor surface, which must be smooth. Each plank or tile is just 2.5-3.0mm thick and is fitted so that it butts up to the skirting board (it can also be fitted before the skirting boards if preferred) for a seamless finish. Gluedown is the most versatile format and happily lends itself to different laying patterns such as herringbone, basketweave, parquet or geometric patterns.

There is a huge range of designs available from traditional honey oaks to the latest polished concrete, each authentically replicating the natural materials that inspired them, so you can easily find the perfect match for your décor. This also means that there is unlimited possibility to create a bespoke design with a blend of complementary or contrasting designs for a truly unique look that reflects your personality.


An ideal alternative to laminate, the Korlok range offers realistic wood designs with a waterproof and hygienic surface that shrugs off splashes and spills without warping or cracking. Not only that, Korlok’s pre-attached acoustic backing means that noise transfer to rooms below is reduced by 21dB, helping you maintain a peaceful home when the kids are playing upstairs.

Loose Lay:

A relatively new format to the market, Loose Lay’s innovative construction features a friction grip backing which cleverly secures each plank or tile firmly in place without the need for adhesive. All you need is a sound, smooth and dust free subfloor and your new floor can be laid quickly and easily.

Available in a range of wood and stone designs, the Loose Lay range is the ideal choice if you are looking for an easy fit flooring that will reduce noise levels. The construction layers include an acoustic backing that reduces noise transfer by 13dB for a surface that is surprisingly quiet underfoot.

Additionally, as the planks are not glued together, should you need to replace a piece it’s an easy task to lift the plank or tile in question and drop in a new one. It’s also just as easy to take up the flooring and re-use in a different room, making this the perfect choice for renters or home decorators who like to shake things up occasionally.

If you are still unsure which would be the best format for your home, just get in touch with one of our stores for friendly, expert advice. Whichever format you decide on, you can rest assured that any design offers all the benefits of a Karndean floor and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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